A tough nut to crack. Am I right? In order to attract Millennials businesses will often offer workplace perks, such as free meals and flexible work hours. While this may help with recruiting, does it help with retention? After 6 months of stress, heavy work loads and high expectations, are free fish tacos with siracha sauce enough to keep Millennials from jumping ship?

Corporate Canine is here to highlight a huge (low cost) opportunity to attract and keep Millennials: a dog friendly workplace.

According to data collected by the Global Pet Expo 35% of the US’ 75 million Millennials own a pet. They are putting off getting married and having children, and filling the gap with their four-legged best friends. Research done by Purina also supports this fact: not only do Millennials own more pets than previous generations, they consider them to be family in every sense of the word. Millennials spend more money on healthier foods, grooming, toys and treats. They go on adventures together and share their journBlog Post 3-2ey through social media. Pets have literally become an integral part of a Millennials life; “where I go, you go.”

So why not allow them to go to work?

A recent Forbes article spotlighted a 2015 study by Banfield Pet Hospital, where they asked more than 1,200 employees and HR Managers about the impact of having a pet-friendly workplace. In areas such as improved employee moral, greater work-life balance, improved work relationships and ability to work longer hours, respondents agreed between 75-95% of the time.

This is great news for us here at Corporate Canine. No matter the size of your company we’re able to create and implement a Dog@Work program thats custom built just for you.

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