A lot of well meaning New Year’s resolutions have been made over the past few days…lose 10 lbs,, save more money, beat a White Castle double cheeseburger addiction. The problem is, without a plan many of these resolutions won’t make it to Groundhog’s Day.

Forbes Magazine recently listed the “Top 10 Health-Related New Year’s Resolutions”. Along with a list of resolutions the article gives simple but effective tips on how to make desired changes in the new year. They wrote “…when approached in small steps they (resolutions) have the power to change your life immensely.”

In reading the Forbes article it came as no surprise to this author that a Dog@Work program would also be an effective, albeit fuzzier, approach at making 2017 a year of improved mental and physical health! Let me explain…

Resolution #1 – Get more exercise: “One of the most effective ways to meet this resolution is to simply start moving more.” There’s no better incentive to get you moving at lunchtime than having Rex at work with you. A brisk 30 minute walk will not only make you more alert and productive, it’ll help you both trim down. Grab a bottle of water to bring with you and work on Resolution #10 to stay healthy by staying hydrated!    

Resolution #3 – Reconnect with Nature: No need to rush home after work since you already have Rex with you. Hop on your favorite hiking trail and let nature, and quiet time with your dog, remind you whats real and important in life. “Spending time to reconnect with people and places and taking breaks from smartphones and other portable electronic devices may help to reduce anxiety” (I’m certain the author of the Forbes article meant to write “with people and places AND DOGS”)

Resolution #8 – Adopt, Volunteer, or Spend Time with an Animal: “One of the best ways to warm your soul, lower your blood pressure, and ease your stress is to spend time with animals. Their unconditional love can provide needed support during difficult times and help ease anxiety and depression.”   University studies have proven that dogs in the workplace lower stress and anxiety. https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/237982

Let Corporate Canine help make you and your office a little healthier in 2017 with a custom Dog@Work program. Your dog AND your Doctor will thank you for it!