You don’t have own the company you work for, or even be in management to initiate a dog-at-work program.  According to a recent article in U.S. News though you DO need to believe in yourself and your topic if you plan on asking leadership about the possibility of starting one.

“…most importantly, to communicate assertively you have to believe in what you’re saying. The more passion and certainty you feel for the subject matter, the easier and more natural it will be to speak powerfully about it.”

We can help you with this! If you have the passion, we have the information. For over a year we’ve picked the brains of the amazing people responsible for some of the largest, most successful and longest running dog-at-work programs in the country. From Tito’s Handmade Vodka to ZyngaReplacements, LTD., Marcus Thomas and many more.

Corporate Canine offers a free consultation (either in person, or by phone) to share facts and research that will have you confidently touting all the awesome benefits of dogs in the workplace.

Don’t want to go it alone? No problem! Let us accompany you to a meeting thats mutually acceptable for you and the decision maker(s) at your workplace. Absolutely no dog and pony show, just light-hearted conversation.

What to stay out of it completely? We get it! Just give us the contact info of the person you think we should speak to about starting a dog-at-work program, and we’ll do the rest!